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Professional Call Center and Live Answering Services

When it comes to building and maintaining your own business, you’ve got to be a jack-of-all-trades. Not only do you need the business savvy to balance the books and keep the lights on each month, but you’re also likely managing employees and juggling customers at the same time. That’s not an easy feat, and such expert jugglers deserve to be commended. At Ampower Outsourcing, however, we believe small business owners deserve more than just admiration. We believe they owe it to themselves to delegate to only the finest virtual receptionists in the entire country. That’s where we come in with our award-winning live answering service for small businesses.

Fully Customized Call Center Solutions and Answering Services for Small Businesses

Ampower Outsourcing phone answering service for small businesses is the missing piece for many entrepreneurs struggling to have it all. Why spin so many plates when you can hand them off to Ampower Outsourcing? Our virtual receptionist services allow small business owners to forward their calls to a team of professionals. This means more time in their day for focusing on the critically important tasks that are so often disrupted by the phone ringing.

In the digital era, it’s easy to convince oneself that voicemail can do the job of an administrative assistant. The reality is, though, that most people simply hang up instead of leaving a message. It’s easy to commit a phone call faux pas like sending an important client to voicemail when juggling multiple projects. However, it only takes the negative aftermath of one such blunder to understand the importance of answering every call quickly with a live representative of your business. Too often, missed calls mean missed opportunities. With a small business answering service, you can ensure you never miss a call. Ampower Outsourcing can help you grow your business by capturing more leads and ensure all callers are treated to the kind of customer service that will have people recommending you to their friends.

Affordable & Custom-Tailored Answering Services

Many small business phone answering service providers can be expensive and impersonal. That’s not so with Ampower Outsourcing. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop highly specific scripts and custom messaging, so our team and your team are always on the same page. As a savvy entrepreneur can tell you, such comprehensive customer service can result in higher customer retention rates and lead to a positive buzz surrounding your company. You will end up with the golden ticket of word of mouth referrals and a stellar reputation.

Even the most affordable in-house receptionist can’t compete with our rates, either. Imagine paying a highly-trained, friendly and resourceful employee to answer phones 24 hours a day. You’d likely need to spend several weeks training them, arrange for multiple employees to cover the late-night shifts, and ensure they are providing the absolute best customer service possible. You’d owe them benefits like health insurance and time off, too. That’s a tall order for a small business owner already short on time and capital.

Even if such an arrangement could be worked out, it’s easy to see how such salaries could explode your budget for talent. By using Ampower Outsourcing’s phone answering service for small businesses, you can design your own custom telephone answering plan to fit your unique criteria and ensure someone is always available to answer. The icing on the cake? We do so for a fraction of what it would cost to bring on your own in-house receptionist.

Live Call

View a call recording of how a Ampower Outsourcing receptionist assists this caller in a real life scenario for a small business.

Administrative Support

Ampower Outsourcing can offer so much more than just live answering service for small businesses. There are hosts of other valuable resources we can help provide. In addition to our reliable, knowledgeable call representatives answering your calls, we can also ensure messages are relayed in an accurate, efficient method. Our team can also set appointments with clients and colleagues, managing your calendar with ease.

Whether your small business requires 24-hour support, after hours answering service, or call overflow assistance, we are always available to be the friendly frontline of your company. Beyond simply acting as your virtual receptionist, we provide a collection of account management tools available in our secure online portal. There you can view all your call details, make necessary updates, and even gain valuable insights thanks to your call data that you won’t find anywhere else.

Live Answering Services

  • Concentrate on growing your business while providing your new and existing customers with an extremely professional phone experience 24 hours a day. You can even have “certain types” of calls transferred directly to your cell phone versus just a message being taken
  • Prioritize callers, because we’ll obtain all the important information from them
  • Have peace of mind, knowing that someone is dealing with your callers’ concerns with care, when you’re not able
  • Design a custom telephone answering service or call center solution to fit your own unique criteria
  • Supervise and manage your staff, your jobs and activities and measure our performance with sophisticated and dynamic online tools
  • Appear bigger than you really are: your callers will enjoy a professionally branded phone experience, but won’t know the person they are talking to isn’t sitting in your office (unless you would rather us disclose that information)
  • Compete with medium and large sized companies by being available to help customers and capture more leads around the clock

More than just a small business answering services

When you choose us as your small business answering service, you’re not just paying a few dollars each month for a service; you’re actually hiring a team of professionals who have a vested interest in helping you succeed. That’s because we are an employee owned company and your success is ours.

See for yourself why Ampower Outsourcing is the favorite call center of small businesses across America. You’ll be surprised how quickly and completely a live answering service for small businesses can change daily life. If you’re ready to give Ampower Outsourcing a try, reach out now for a risk-free, seven-day trial. There’s no obligation and no commitment required on your part.

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