We simplifies the task of
Order Taking Services


We offers live order taking answering services.

Consumers are now used to placing an order for a product or service from a place of their convenience, versus having to go all the way to the store as was the case in earlier days. Along with catering to this requirement, your business could also have to ready itself for a large volume of orders as your offering gains popularity or during specific periods in the year. Providing a seamless order taking call center service becomes imperative, for the sake of your customers, as well as for increasing business revenue. We offers live order taking answering services and order entry services through our multi-channel contact center, with the main focus of providing exceptional customer care.

Our call center outsourcing team ensures all orders are taken accurately and that each person has a positive experience. We can also enter the order in the CRM system for instant processing. Our contact center is operational 24/7 to guarantee the greatest convenience for your customers and to allow you to focus on the core aspects of your business, while we seamlessly perform order entry services.

Enhance Convenience for Your Customers with Live Order Taking Services

24/7 Order TakingOften, customers place orders at a time of their convenience, such as after their working hours. We offers 24/7 live order taking outsourcing operations, so that order for your product or service can be placed on time.
Order EntryAfter taking the order, we can instantly enter it in the CRM tool system to ensure there is no delay in the order processing and the customer receive product/sales on scheduled time.
Post-Sale SupportAfter buying your product or service, your customer could still seek support from your brand, such as for returns processing and technical support or help desk for other queries.
Order Through a ChannelBeyond placing an order on the phone, customers also purchasing products or services through email, live chat, website, mobile, or SMS/text. We taking care of your business, on any voice or non-voice channels.

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