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Appointment Setting Services


We simplifies the task of lead generation.

In order to increase sales and amplify business growth, it is crucial to regularly generate a dependable supply of quality leads for your sales team. B2B and B2C sales appointment setting and scheduling services from Ampower Outsourcing simplifies the task of lead generation and boosts the amount of time your sales staff spends directly pitching to clients. We use a multi-channel approach through our contact center, which includes the use of voice calls, emails and live chat. Using lists of profiled and targeted information, our call center executives approach prospects and set up appointments with them. In addition, we prepare reports containing information that will ensure that the sales agent is prepared to address the unique needs of the prospect.

When you outsource B2B and B2C appointment scheduling to us, we will ensure that we schedule appointments only with the most appropriate decision makers, who have displayed genuine interest in your business. While contacting leads as representatives of your organization, we conduct ourselves in such a way as to align with the values of your brand and provide the utmost level of customer service.

Our Appointment Setting Services Will Give You an Edge

Ampower Outsourcing, a specialist Call Center Outsourcing company, has over 15 years of experience in delivering outstanding sales and customer acquisition services, including outsourced B2B and B2C appointment setting and scheduling services. When you outsource B2B and B2C appointment setting services to us, you experience a tremendous improvement in business productivity. Some ways by which you achieve that:

Optimize Lead Generation:
By eliminating the need for your business to make cold calls, we streamline the lead generation process and the efficiency of your sales team.
24/7 Operations:
We operate 24/7 services, which is especially beneficial for every institutions/organizations that operate across multiple time zones.
Save Resources and Costs:
Our B2B and B2C outsourced appointment setting services removes the need for you to outlay resources towards infrastructure and training.
Assured Results:
Our sales appointment setting outsourcing team undergoes rigorous training to ensure that they can deliver the best results for our clients.

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