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Call Center & Answering Services for Hospitality

All bed & breakfasts, inns and hotels are dedicated to the guest experience. We strive to match that same level of dedication when it comes to the caller experience with our fully customized hospitality answering services. Hotels, inns and B&Bs present unique, fun and relaxing opportunities for guests the world over. For the people behind successful hospitality businesses, though, the industry can be anything but relaxing. Excellent customer service means never allowing the concierge desk to sit empty, never leaving a complaint unresolved, and never letting the phone go to voicemail.

Ampower Outsourcing appreciates the unique challenges those in the hospitality industry face, which is why we’re always excited to partner with business owners who require the top tier level of live support we provide. Our hospitality answering service allows properties to outsource administrative duties so you can be sure your guests are always taken care of while giving staff much-needed time to tend to other projects or even themselves.

Our customized hotel call center solutions allow innkeepers and bed and breakfast owners more time to focus on the needs of guests in-person. Our experienced team of virtual receptionists can act as your front desk when it comes to handling phone calls, helping book reservations, and providing a polished, welcoming experience for all your callers. Additionally, we can also inform curious potential guests about room rates and availability as well as check in/out times. We can even serve as your virtual concierge by telling callers about local attractions and great places to eat. This is all possible through the creation of customized, dynamic hospitality answering service scripts that allow our team to see all of the details about your unique property. Information about your amenities, types of rooms available, your pet policy and more are all easily shared with callers thanks to our dedicated hotel answering service.

Hospitality and Hotel Answering Services with Dedicated, Live Virtual Receptionists

The Ampower Outsourcing hotel call center team is composed of highly-trained virtual receptionists that are knowledgeable, experienced and resourceful. Because we’re based in the United States and committed to providing excellent customer service, your guests will never get that often irksome encounter that tends to come with offshore call centers. Our receptionists prioritize the experience of the caller, ensuring they’re never left on hold listening to elevator music or speaking to robotic voicemail recordings. Instead, we treat your guests like our own – because in many ways, they are.

We recognize that innkeepers and bed and breakfast owners are often entrepreneurs who are passionate about the services they can provide for their guests. By passing administrative tasks off to Ampower Outsourcing, you can dedicate more time to the needs of guests in person. When you don’t have to worry about missing any calls, you can offer those cooking classes you’ve always dreamed of starting, you can dedicate time to lead hiking tours around your property, or even getting around to fixing that shower in bungalow three. Whatever your hospitality dream, Ampower Outsourcing can help free up your time and get you that much closer to achieving your professional goals.

It’s not just professional goals where Ampower Outsourcing can help. Having a hotel call center team dedicated to answering your incoming calls can ensure you get the time off you deserve. Whether you’re spending time with friends and family or taking a much-needed vacation of your own, Ampower Outsourcing can man the phones while you take a break.

Full Customization is Key in the Hospitality Industry

Handing over the phones doesn’t mean handing over control. Our suite of services can help busy innkeepers and bed and breakfast owners process reservations, maintain schedules and log calls as they come in. The Ampower Outsourcing hospitality team can guide you through our services, allowing you to get the best possible answering service experience anywhere.

Our online account management portal is highly confidential and accessible anytime. If a question about a particular call arises, simply log in and view the call details and activity at your fingertips. By keeping record of every call that comes in, Ampower Outsourcing can provide you with important data that you can use to find unique insights that will help you better manage and even grow your business. Now, managing your hospitality business’s communications has never been easier.

Don’t think you need around the clock service for your business? While we do offer 24-hour hospitality answering service, we are also available to provide after-hours answering service, coverage in call overflow situations, or just whenever you feel like flipping your line over to us. We love partnering with hotels and inns of all sizes requirements. Use Ampower Outsourcing during your busy season, or just on weekends. The choice is yours. Whatever your hospitality business requires, we can work up a solution that fits.

Live Call - Hospitality

View a call recording of how a Ampower Outsourcing receptionist assists this caller in a real life scenario for a hospitality business.

On Demand Hospitality Answering Services Whenever Your Establishment Requires Call Coverage

Our live agents are available 24/7 to politely answer your calls, but you decide when you would like to “turn us on!” We realize that not every Inn requires 24/7 service so you have the capability to only use us during your peak and/or shoulder seasons and suspend the service as business slows down.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and give Ampower Outsourcing a try, contact us today to begin your free, week-long trial of our hospitality answering services. Designed to be a no pressure, no obligation preview of our offerings, the trial requires no deposits or signatures, just an open mind and a willingness to try new things.