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Technical Support and IT Helpdesk Support Outsourcing Services

The transaction is far from over once a sale has been made. Providing post-purchase support to customers is a crucial aspect of the buying process and serves as a critical and valuable opportunity to develop lasting relationships with your client base. Ampower Outsourcing, a global IT-BPO, has been consistently providing Outsourced Technical Support and IT Helpdesk Support Services worldwide. Our services empower businesses to transform their customer service in such a way that it sets them apart from the competition. By choosing Ampower Outsourcing as your Technical Support and IT Helpdesk Outsourcing partner, you can benefit from our comprehensive outsourced Technical Support and Helpdesk Support Services that will improve customer satisfaction through meeting a variety of customer needs.

Our' End-to-End Multichannel Helpdesk and Technical Support Services Raises Your Customer Service Quotient

Ampower Outsourcing' Technical Support and IT Helpdesk and outsourcing services helps businesses provide high quality troubleshooting services to their customers. Some of the technical support and IT helpdesk services we provide include:

Our qualified and skilled technical support outsourcing engineers are well–equipped to provide industry-leading support for all tiers of technical problem resolution. Our call center based voice and non-voice technical support outsourcing services cover the gamut of technical support needs ranging from simple phone calls to questions related to process engineering.

Remote IT Technical Support Services

Our specialized remote IT support services is particularly designed to provide assistance to you with regard to all kinds of technical issues inclusive of hardware, software, system and network issues at all times, thus saving you valuable time and enabling you to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently. Our remote IT support staff is also able to provide support on sales and post-sales related issues, warranties, repair, backups as well as disaster recovery. Outsourcing your remote IT technical support to us will help you fast track customer technical issues and satisfy your customers by delivering higher quality of service.

Why Should you Outsource Technical Support and IT Helpdesk Support Services to Us?

  • Highly-trained, professional agents dedicated to excellence.
  • Through our multi-channel contact center, we offer inbound and outbound helpdesk and technical support via voice calls, email management, live chat and mobile SMS/text.
  • We also ensure that our contact center executives develop deep product expertise for your specific business requirement and are well versed in your organization's business values and practices, FAQs and knowledge databases. This enhances the quality of the customer interaction, and all customer queries can be handled effectively.
  • Regular customer care analysis and evaluations are conducted to ensure exceptional service standards are upheld at all times. We are capable of providing both enterprise support and consumer support.
  • By availing of our 24/7 operations, you can ensure that the needs of customers across time zones are being looked after.
  • We provide assistance related to product information, product use information, and technical assistance on web sites that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We provide cost effective, flexible scalable services, that suits your business requirements; helps to solve.
  • Extensive offshore support to different countries and in a variety of languages.

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