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After sales support refers to all the things you do for the care and feeding of your valued customers after they buy your product. This type of customer aftercare is important for any business, but especially for small businesses where every client counts. It's not enough to say "Thanks" or "Let's keep in touch" after a sale is complete. Long-term success is built on real and lasting customer relationships.

To put it another way: the more you wow your customers, the more they're likely to wow you right back with their loyalty and enthusiasm. They'll become the brand ambassadors, reviewers, and trusted voices who'll give you great reviews, sing your praises on social media, and give you honest feedback on new products and features.

Let's look at some after sales support examples that will keep customers happy while driving new business.

The next goal of after sales service is to build customer loyalty and trust, which is good for business and good for future sales. Those sales can take many forms.

Upsell (plus warranties and special services)

The word "upsell" shouldn't be a negative. It should mean finding added services or products that will give your customer an even greater experience. Try matching your products with extended warranties, special maintenance services and other useful programs.

New products and services

Your customers, past and present, should be the first to know when you roll out a new feature. This is a case where customer aftercare can also be pre-care for your new product: share the news, then watch as customers engage and spread the word.

So, what is customer aftercare? It's all of these things: delighting customers after the sale, keeping in touch, asking for reviews and referrals, and rewarding customer loyalty.

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